Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Fun day. Matt and Staci were here from Tuscon. Dad bought Dan Wilkinson's SuperCub. Mom crocheted hats for the kids that were adorable.

I'm hoping at some point that we all decide to eliminate gift giving all together and donate time to a shelter or something. I feel like such a consumer. Will my kids see value in anything since they're always given so much?

As much of a Scrooge as I pretend to be, I really do enjoy Christmas for about two days. Especially when Nicole wraps and buys all the gifts. Haha. Thanks sweetheart!

JJ- electric scooter. Practice for when he's a senior citizen. Also a pair of skis, boots, and bindings. Beads and bead craft books. Slylanders Wii game.

Cate - Barbie scooter. American Girl doll named McKenna and accessories. Lala Loopsy doll. Dora Mermaid doll.

Seth- plastic bike, car, basketball stand, and slide.

Nicole - manicure set. Car detail...which will last 3 days before the carpets once again have smooshed French fries in them. Bosch beater attachments, cinnamon shaker.

Me - Go Pro Video camera. Apple TV. Canvas family pictures.

12 more months to save up for next years financial beating.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Basketball Chaos

JJ birthday party is still a blur. Here's what I DO remember:

13 kids under 8 years old
3 adults
Vastly understaffed
Screaming. Lots of screaming.
Constant line to bathroom
$100 worth of snacks
Singalong in the car to We are Young by fun.
Didn't see one minute of basketball
One kid tried to negotiate with me to play games on my phone. I guess he was bored.
13 left and 13 came home. Victory for me. Even if the Jazz lost.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The great 2012 remodel

I thought an 8 year old house would be pretty current but according to many I am drastically wrong. Here's what needed updating:
Entertainment center
Tv and stereo
Lockers in hallway instead of closet
Bookshelf in piano room.

$30k later. Here we are. House in shambles. Camping in the basement. Trying to find good ways to pay for it and be happy about the lost opportunity cost of that $30k.

I will say this. It really does look good. Nicole picked out great colors and the fireplace/entertainment center are first class.

So I will so my best to not think of the new airplane, car, or boat that is now a part of my home and simply enjoy my new abode.