Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naughty or Nice

I know I have been Naughty and have not posted in a few weeks or more. Naughty list for me! Everything is great. What has happened? Trevor's best friend got married, my sis is getting married, Trevor's step-grandma passed away, and J.J. and Cate are growing up. We had a great Halloween...Cate was a bumble bee and J.J. was Optimus Prime. Here is a little story that I do not want to forget that makes me smile.

One of J.J.'s friends was not sharing the other day, and after he went home he was complaining that his friend never shares and if it was his toy he would be nice and share. After explaining this to me he stood there for a second and let out a sigh and said very matter of factly, "I guess he is on the Naughty list." Then he shrugged his shoulders as if it was very sad that he was and there was nothing he could do about it. These are the moments that make all of the stressed-want-to-scream moments worth it.
Did I mention that Cate fell and hit her head again? Oi!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Same old, same old...

Did I really think I would change? I guess this is how my updating goes. All or nothing! So, here it goes. Here is my ode to summer. We already miss you!


We spent most of our time at Cherry Hill water park...probably 1-2 times a week. You would think I had some pictures. Well, here is the only one I took all summer. I am such a slacker.

J.J. and Jack at Cherry Hill

We also went boating. Not as much as we wanted, but we did get out a few times. We are still hoping there is one day left in the boat.

J.J. again with Jack

This summer J.J. grew up! He would go outside at 9:30 am and play until bedtime playing with Jack, Cade, and Connor. They would ride bikes at the rally, go to the park, sell lemonade or ottor pops, and play basketball. He learned how to ride his bike. Thanks Jack! He had a blast! He would also go to the driving range with dad and go flying with dad. It was hard for me to let him be outside by himself, but he would stay in his boundaries, and I would check on him every 20 minutes. He loved it! Now, all of his friends are in school and he is getting really bored...any good ideas for indoor activities with mom???

He would also go to the driving range with dad and go flying with dad. To be a kid again...


She grew up too. She is now walking, talking, and dancing. She loves to dance and sing. She also LOVES puppies. In fact, that was her first word. She is always carrying a little puppy around, and we had to visit the next door neighbors dog every day this summer. She has quite a few words now that she says; puppy, mommy, daddy, j.j., baby, eye, nose, ear, mouth, fingers, dance, bottle. She loves her bigger brother and always wants to do what he is doing. She is still climbing everything (even after her skull fracture). Oi!


I think he enjoyed his summer too. He was golfing and flying a lot. He even competed in a flying competition and did pretty good. I think his favorite part of summer was his trip to Alaska with the boys. (I know. I bet you thought I was going to say Paris). I am sure he loved that too. He spent a lot of the summer studying for the GRE. He passed and is now getting his MBA. He has school every Tuesday and Thursday nights. It's only for two years. Only.

If you look closely, there are two brown bears right across the river from them


I have had a great summer as well. I checked a few things off of my life list. Go to a tennis open...check. I was able to go to two tennis opens (French, US). Travel the world...check. I went to France and NYC. Run a half marathon...check. I ran the Mesa Falls Half Marathon in August. It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done. But, it was definitely worth it. Now, I have to get the mindset to run a marathon so I can check that off my life list. As for the rest of the time, I played mom. Good thing I like being a mom. Only drawback...sometimes I am so busy being mom, I forget how to be Nicole. So, I am glad that this summer reminded me a little bit of how to be me.

THANK YOU, Crystal. I couldn't of done it without you.

See the Tetons behind me.

French Open-Federer accepting the trophy, and Andre Agassi there to present it to him.I wish I could say that our lives are going to slow down, but they aren't. J.J. has started preschool and soccer. I am now on a tennis league. First one in my life. I love it! Trevor is busy with work and going to school. As quoted in Spaceballs and by J.J., we are traveling at "ludicrous speed!"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Start Spreading the News

Trevor is so glad that I am back from my girls trip to NYC. To all the are the greatest!! We had a wonderful time eating, shopping, going to plays, and of course the US Open. I already want to go again...maybe a beach next time. Only location pictures this time-I didn't take any group pictures...what was I thinking?!

Empire State Building

Times Square

US Open

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Back!.

I know, I have been a horrible updater. So, here is our last 2 1/2 months in review. Beware! We were very very busy. I will try and keep it short...yah right.



We had such a great time with Trevor's family in California. We of course loved the beach and Disneyland. J.J. loved hanging out with his cousins. We wore him out. We were out almost everyday from morning until midnight. We all did get sick with Strep throat and so that was miserable. Luckily it didn't really slow us down, but we all had to go on antibiotics when we got home, even Cate.

Mickey Mouse! J.J. was so excited to meet him. He went up to him and just started telling him all about his day like they were best friends. Cate could of cared less...just slept in the stroller.

Gotta have treats at Disneyland!

Cate didn't know if she liked the Ocean or not.

On the other hand, J.J. loved it!

I became a pro photographer in April. Did my first paid gig!! It was a blast and can't wait to do more and get better. Here are some pictures from that photo shoot. I have set up my professional photography blog and you can see it at Nicole Compton Photography. It will be updated within the next couple of days.


Dinosaur Park

We went to Dinosaur Park for J.J.s end of school party and they really had a good time. Cate's favorite thing is to swing and so of course I had to get pictures of it.

Here she is with Leah.

J.J. said the funniest thing the other day.

He said, "Mom, I am going to marry Olivia when I am a teenager. And we are going to live in your basement."
I replied, "I thought you were going to marry Ellie." (because that is what he told me the week before).
He said, "Nope, she's too bossy."
I laughed and replied, "So you aren't going to marry someone bossy, but you are going to get married when you are a teenager and live in my basement."
J.J. says, "Yep!"

So here's to you Olivia.

J.J. attended his preschool graduation for his class. Of course he will still have one more year until Kindergarten, but he participated in the program and got to walk the stage. I guess it is practice for next year. Sorry, just a blurry picture of this one.

Trevor ran the Ogden Marathon on May 17th!! He did an awesome job. His time was a 4:18. It amazes me that he ran that many miles. Good job Trev! I am so proud of you!!


J.J. has been playing Tee Ball this spring and he loves it! He gets a little bored when they are fielding, but he loves to bat. I think his favorite thing is when it is treat day and he can give the treats out to his teammates. Go J.J.!!


We also were able to spend the night at Primary Children's Hospital. Cate climbed up on the counter and fell off onto the tile head first. So, I decided to bring her to the doctor. After multiple x-rays, one CAT scan, one ambulance ride from McKay Dee to Primary Children's, and one night stay at the hospital, we found out that she does not have a bleed on her brain and it is only a fractured skull. To make things worse, Trevor was out of town in Boise for work. He left at Midnight and arrived at the hospital at 4:30 am. It was a very traumatic experience, even for J.J. He told some stranger at the grocery store the other day, "My dad has a hole in his heart and my sister cracked her head open." I guess we have seen the ambulance twice in the last three months. I hope it is the last, but I know it probably won't be. Now we just need to make sure that she doesn't hit her head again for the next six weeks while her fracture is healing. Don't they know that I am already a worrier? We love you Cate!

Are we to June yet???


10 YEARS!!!!!!

June 11th was Trevor and I's 10 year anniversary! I still can't believe it. We spontaneously decided to go to Paris. Yes, France not Texas!! It was amazing! I will blog about this later because it deserves a post of it's own. Trevor, thanks for the 10 years. We may be balder, fatter, wrinklier, but I love you even more today!

Here we are atop the Eiffel Tower.

We just went and spent the weekend in Island Park with my family. This is one of my most favorite things to do is go to my families cabin and relax with the family. There are 20 in my family now! 4 of us married with 2 kids each, plus the 2 that aren't married and my Mom and Dad. Lots of fishing, card games, rain, and smores. We also went to Mesa Falls. We drove the 1/2 marathon route that I am planning on doing in August. I think I need to practice some hills. Oi! Here is our fish picture from this weekend. I think it is one of the only ones I took. They had great luck fishing. I think the limit is 2 a day over 16", and the brought home the limit both days. I think there were about 12 fish in all.