Friday, October 02, 2009

Same old, same old...

Did I really think I would change? I guess this is how my updating goes. All or nothing! So, here it goes. Here is my ode to summer. We already miss you!


We spent most of our time at Cherry Hill water park...probably 1-2 times a week. You would think I had some pictures. Well, here is the only one I took all summer. I am such a slacker.

J.J. and Jack at Cherry Hill

We also went boating. Not as much as we wanted, but we did get out a few times. We are still hoping there is one day left in the boat.

J.J. again with Jack

This summer J.J. grew up! He would go outside at 9:30 am and play until bedtime playing with Jack, Cade, and Connor. They would ride bikes at the rally, go to the park, sell lemonade or ottor pops, and play basketball. He learned how to ride his bike. Thanks Jack! He had a blast! He would also go to the driving range with dad and go flying with dad. It was hard for me to let him be outside by himself, but he would stay in his boundaries, and I would check on him every 20 minutes. He loved it! Now, all of his friends are in school and he is getting really bored...any good ideas for indoor activities with mom???

He would also go to the driving range with dad and go flying with dad. To be a kid again...


She grew up too. She is now walking, talking, and dancing. She loves to dance and sing. She also LOVES puppies. In fact, that was her first word. She is always carrying a little puppy around, and we had to visit the next door neighbors dog every day this summer. She has quite a few words now that she says; puppy, mommy, daddy, j.j., baby, eye, nose, ear, mouth, fingers, dance, bottle. She loves her bigger brother and always wants to do what he is doing. She is still climbing everything (even after her skull fracture). Oi!


I think he enjoyed his summer too. He was golfing and flying a lot. He even competed in a flying competition and did pretty good. I think his favorite part of summer was his trip to Alaska with the boys. (I know. I bet you thought I was going to say Paris). I am sure he loved that too. He spent a lot of the summer studying for the GRE. He passed and is now getting his MBA. He has school every Tuesday and Thursday nights. It's only for two years. Only.

If you look closely, there are two brown bears right across the river from them


I have had a great summer as well. I checked a few things off of my life list. Go to a tennis open...check. I was able to go to two tennis opens (French, US). Travel the world...check. I went to France and NYC. Run a half marathon...check. I ran the Mesa Falls Half Marathon in August. It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done. But, it was definitely worth it. Now, I have to get the mindset to run a marathon so I can check that off my life list. As for the rest of the time, I played mom. Good thing I like being a mom. Only drawback...sometimes I am so busy being mom, I forget how to be Nicole. So, I am glad that this summer reminded me a little bit of how to be me.

THANK YOU, Crystal. I couldn't of done it without you.

See the Tetons behind me.

French Open-Federer accepting the trophy, and Andre Agassi there to present it to him.I wish I could say that our lives are going to slow down, but they aren't. J.J. has started preschool and soccer. I am now on a tennis league. First one in my life. I love it! Trevor is busy with work and going to school. As quoted in Spaceballs and by J.J., we are traveling at "ludicrous speed!"