Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday naps, Soccer, and Salsa

J.J. is learning all about letters in preschool and so we are really into what letters things begin with at our house, so for the weekly update...here are three things that start with S that happened at our house this week.

Sunday Naps

I love Sunday Naps. Too bad I am the photographer and not the napper. But I really do love this one of Trevor and Cate. She was sick and sad and she cried herself to sleep by Trevor. And I love pictures of J.J. sleeping because it is the only time he looks so peaceful. He is always going 110 miles an hour.


JJ's first soccer game was last week. He did better than I thought he would.
Here he is kicking the ball, and then one with his friends Ellie and Nash.


Yesterday, from Noon until Midnight, was dedicated to Salsa. It is delicious and I am glad to have it in my food storage, but it takes tons of work. I can't say thank you enough to JeNeal for helping me. Thank you!!!! I think after the peaches and salsa, I am done preserving food until next year...I hope.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shout out to my Girls!

It is always hard when Trevor goes out of town. It is hard taking care of the kids at night in the evening without his help, J.J. is always sad that he doesn't see his dad at night, and it is hard to fall asleep...especially when you freak yourself out about alien abductions. No, I don't worry about the real and practical like someone breaking into your house...I worry about alien abductions. That's what I get for watching late night TV about UFOs. Anyways, I need to thank my friends Stacie, Mel, Tammy, and JeNeal for keeping me company the last two days. We made tutus on Wednesday for 4 hours. We had I think 100 kids running around so I only got one done. See below picture. They are adorable! I am making about three for Cate. This is the first one I made. Then Last night after we got all the kids to bed, we got together to scrapbook. Guess how much scrapbooking we got done? I hope you said none because you would be correct. I don't even think Tammy got her computer out of her bag. We just talked, laughed and had fun. We all want to go to Audrey Woulard Photography school. She is amazing! Unfortunately it costs close to $3000 for three days. Someday. Thanks guys! No horrible fascination about aliens last night. I was able to go right to sleep. You are the best!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know, I know. They lost to the Utes, but I still have to cheer for them! Trevor and I went up to Logan to the Utah State football game last night. We were a little early and so we decided to go up on campus. I haven't been on campus for years (about 7) and so it was really fun to see our old stomping ground. A little nostalgic because it is of course the place where Trevor and I fell in love. Ahhhhh. We took some pictures on the "A". Thanks Ryan for the tickets!! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Catching up

Well, since it has been awhile since I wrote I guess I need to catch up on my postings...imagine that. Since I use this as my journal, it may sound like ramblings, so my apologies.

1. We were able to take one last trip over Labor Day weekend. We went up to Bear Lake for some fun in the sun, but ended up going to a cave. It was really cold and so we decided to go up to Minatonka Cave. It actually was really cool and J.J. walked all of the way. There are 444 stairs (which you have to take out too) so 888 all together. He did great! I would have pictures for you, but my personal photographer has not gotten them to me yet. :)

2. J.J.'s first day of school. He loves his teacher Miss Julie! The first day they had to bring their name spelled out with things that started with the same letter. I decided he had to do his whole name instead of just J.J. 3 hours later I wish I would have only done J.J.

3. I took this picture the other day of the books I have on my night stand to read. Trevor laughs at me and says that it will take me years to read all of them (that's because I only have about 10 minutes a day to do what I want to do). Well, I have now read Breaking Dawn and The Book Thief. Only 12 more to go (except that I just added three more to the stack).

4. Now here is the big dilemma. the Book Thief is probably the best book I have ever read, or one of. I don't want to put it too high up on a pedestal. How do you start another book after reading such a good book? I recommend it to everyone! Maybe I will have to read it again. Stacie, you said it is better the second time, right?

5. I am typing up my Grandpa Johnson's WWII letters!!!! Since getting my degree in History, this is the first thing that even remotely resembles doing something with it. Most of the letters are from my Grandpa to my Grandma and it is amazing to see his Journey from North Africa to Tunisia to Italy. I took a picture of one of the letters. It was written on New Years Day 1944 in Italy. Read the P.S. If you can't see it, it says, "Could I just hold you in my arms for a minute."

6.My TO DO LIST: Write Primary Program (Yes, as the 1st counselor in the Primary, this is my calling. So, if any of you don't like the program, you can complain to me). Plan Sharing time for Sunday, Call people for the Stake Baptism, Plant bulbs and weed yard. Clean house (Always). I know I am forgetting something...

7. My WANT TO DO LIST: Take a Nap, Read a book, Make Tutus, get a pedicure, take a girls weekend (I'm with you on this one Stacie...NYC 2009), Go on a date with my husband, laugh with my kids (I hate always being a drill sargeant...I wish they(he) would listen to me the first time.), Get 8 hours of sleep at night.

8. The thing that has defined our lives for the past two weeks is the death of a very close friend. I haven't been able to write about it until now because of all of the emotions. John was in Guatemala on a humanitarian project when his charter flight crashed. He leaves behind his wife and three kids aged 9,5, and 3. He was one of Trevor's best friends from Grade School through College. They remained close friends after they were both married and soon we were all good friends. Something like this always puts your life into perspective. The thing that you were mad at your husband the day before just doesn't seem that important anymore. You give out as many hugs as you can to your family. You are relieved when they walk through the door in the evening. You cry when you hear songs on the radio. You cry when you write your blog. The thing that gets you through the sadness though is knowing that you will be able to see your loved ones again, that there is a life after this life and that you can be with your family forever. Our prayers are with his family and we truly miss you, John.