Friday, August 22, 2008

Cate's Talking and J.J.'s listening

Cate was being such a Ham the other day. Just sitting there talking as loud as she could. I was able to get this cute little picture. She is so much fun. She has been the easiest baby and always makes me laugh.
I can't believe that J.J. is getting so old. He will be 4 in a couple of months, but he says the cutest things. Just when you don't think he is listening, he blows you away. My two favorite for the week...
1. We were driving home from Trevor's parents last Sunday evening and J.J. says, "Mom, can you make sure that I get baptized when I turn 8? Don't forget, K?" I promised him that I wouldn't forget and we would make sure that he would have a special day. They learned about baptism in Primary, and I thought that he wasn't listening. Way to make momma proud!
2. Trevor has been gone for the last 2 weeks in Boston again. He just got home again last night. J.J. was so excited to see him that he has been talking non-stop about everything that he did while daddy was gone. Well, while he was gone, I had a bit too much fun buying clothes for the kids (I just couldn't pass up the deals). Anyways, I guess when I was checking out one day, I said something like, Dad is going to be mad at me." Well, this morning he was showing all of his new clothes to his dad, especially his plane shirt, and he said. "Dad, are you mad at Mommy?" Trevor replied, "No, I'm not mad at Mommy, why?" Then J.J. said, "Don't be mad at Mommy for buying me these clothes. I really like my plane shirt." How cute. Daddy will probably be mad at Mommy when he finds out how much I spent. Really, how many dresses does a 6 month little girl need?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Fever!

We love the Olympics at our house and so we are so excited that one of our Friend's sister-in-law is an Olympian this year. Her name is Lindsey Anderson and she runs the Women's Steeplechase. She will be running on Aug. 15th and then again in the finals (hopefully) on the 17th. If you want to check her blog out it is It is great to see her behind the scenes pictures and listen to her stories. Go USA!