Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St John

The annual adults only trip to somewhere warm in the winter. This year: St John, USVI.

Absolutely stunning beaches and water. Snorkled every day. House was kind of a dump but it did the job. Food was pretty good but it was all bar/pub/grill food that was slowly killing us with calories and fat. We didn't have quite the navigational adventure like Costa Rica this time, but we did have an iguana in our pool, outdoor showers, skinny/steep/windy roads, and a mass mosquito migration that ate us alive one day. The rubber dingy rental was a kick, as was the power boat tour of the BVIs. Travis showed us a nice contrast between a purple sunburn and a celestially white butt, Teniel showed everyone her two friends that left the bikini top after a powerful wave, and I showed everyone my inability to manscape my armpits. Which I'm still defending as masculinity.

Overall it was a lot of fun as usual. Cinnamon Bay was the best beach. Willy T's the best floating restaurant and the soggy Dollar Bar was the epitome of Carribean relaxation. It's cold here. Why dont I live somewhere warm???

Fitness Pal

So since the beginning of the new year, Nicole as I have been trying to limit our calorie intake and lose weight. The biggest thing other than consistent exercise has been an app called My Fitness Pal. It's taken over our lives!! It's basically a journal of our food intake and exercise. For me, it's been helpful to see what the food I eat is "costing" me in terms of calories. Pretty scary. So far I've lost 12 pounds and I think another 5 and I will be about where I want to be. Although I'll be very hungry.