Friday, November 25, 2011

Sleeping in Seattle and Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Our 2011 Thanksgiving Hawaii trip started in Seattle.  $1200 Holiday airfare  necessitated  that we buy $200 Buddy Passes instead...which meant two nights in Seattle while we tried to make the list.  It was a lucky break even after two days of trying that finally allowed us to get a seat.  Nevertheless, we made it and we had a blast!

Things I will remember:

Nicole masterfully maneuvering the plush toy crane game at Dennys after a Thanksgiving Breakfast and winning a stuffed penguin for Cate.  JJ was more than a little jealous.

Cate devouring six sausage links at breakfast, 3 full hotdogs for dinner, and then throwing all 9 linked meats up on the bed right before she fell asleep.

Seth giggling and grinning anytime he touched the water.  And laughing like Beavis with a forced air chuckle.

JJ with no fear as he jumped in at Waimea Bay despite numerous warnings from the life guards about dangerous surf conditions.

Thanksgiving Dinner on the beach.  Bbq steaks, microwave veggies, salad, and pumpkin pie with ice cream  listening to the waves.

Definately one of the best Thanksgivings ever.