Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Favorite Past Time

Look! I can jump really high. This is my favorite thing to do. No wonder it is called the Johnny Jumper.

4th of July

Here I am with Daddy waiting for the Idaho Falls Firework Show to start. I didn't get scared at all.


This year at Redfish we were so glad that we were with the family. It was J.J.'s first trip and it was fun to introduce him to one of our favorite places. Too bad the trip was cut short because of weather and back injuries.


I love my bath time! This time Andrea and Calyn joined me. I splashed too much and scared Calyn. Sorry!

J.J.'s first plane ride

Daddy really wanted to take me on a plane ride, and so we went to Wyoming in the Super Cub. Mommy was really scared for my ears and so Grandpa Compton found me a headset. It really helped even though it squished my cheeks together.

The Family

Here is our latest family picture.

Tiffany and David's Wedding 7/30/2005

Don't you think he is adorable? I don't think J.J. could get any cuter in his tuxedo. At least, that's what mommy and daddy think.